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Monday afternoon fun

This afternoon I spent some time with one of my favorite little girls. We were ready for our own little modeling session! Mom picked out a fancy new dress, J was ready and like that, we were off! After stopping at one of my favorite locations in the Ashburn area I decided I wanted to try this new location towards Leesburg, so I plugged in the address on my GPS and followed it as we jammed along to the radio. I made a turn off of the highway onto this tiny one lane little gravel road. The GPS said I would be on it for 1.6 miles, as I held my breath that gravel road, turned into a mud road. I held the steering wheel so tight and crossed my fingers hoping we would not get stuck. After we got off the windy, muddy road in the middle of no where forest we were almost there (and it was right off another highway, note to self, DO NOT always believe those GPSs.) J never thought twice or even cared about our stressful adventure, in fact she was bubbly, happy and ready to get her model on. And like that, we got this…

Pure innocence, and beauty.

Oakland plantation Child Photo Session

Oh, and her Mommy makes really yummy Macaroons. You should check her out… Pure Love Macaroons 

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