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First day of school, First day of school!

My oldest son started his first day of Junior Kindergarten today at Golden Pond School. It’s hard to believe that this time next year I will be walking him to the bus stop and saying goodbye as he heads off to school on his own. He had a great first day and was so excited to see all of his girlfriends! (Yes, his best friends are all girls and they are just the sweetest). My youngest was excited too… He wanted to join! Ryland spent the entire morning yelling “backpack” because his is just that cool. Have I mentioned he has yet to call me, “MaMa”? So now we have, baseball, ball, diaper, backpack, Dexter (our dog), DaDa, Thank you, Love you… But still no “MaMa”.

Here are the boys when we were walking out the door, running late of course!

Ashburn Virginia Child Photographer

Ryland’s Dinosaur backpack can be found at Chasing Fireflies. Brayden picked the “Block half pack” this year, after literally being known for his “Bubble” pack the previous year.

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