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The A Family – Vienna

This cute little 10 month old boy has eyelashes The Kardashian’s could only dream of. They were so long, so thick and so so beautiful. This pro-crawler is about to give Mom and Dad a run for their money! Here is a sneak preview of the A family.

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Baby O

This little bundle of joy was pretty perfect! She slept, she smiled, her big Brother held her for the first time! It was a pretty great morning.

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Brambleton, Va – The J Family

The J family gave me the opportunity to take some family photos for them, and I was just beaming with excitement because I knew their two little girls might be the easiest I would photograph all year. They are the biggest hams! Little L laughs when you say “hi” to her, let alone try to […]

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Brambleton, Va – Baby K

This little one looks just like her Mommy! She is the only princess and is forunate to have two older brothers. While I only met the middle brother, he was so sweet, quiet and attentive. He was excited to read a story to his little sister when she woke up. Talk about cuteness.

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Broadlands, Va – The F Family

The F family are sweet and compassionate people. The way they doted on their little baby was precious. Keeping him warm, making him laugh, you can tell little baby W is their whole world. Baby W was not quite sure what to make of me, but at the very end I got a smile… it […]

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