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What to wear

Ultimately I want you to wear what makes you comfortable and what will showcase the kind and feel of images you want. Do you want a formal family portrait? Or a relaxed family playdate? Try to keep in mind these few things…

Coordinating, not matchy-matchy. The days of khaki pants and white tops are long gone. Try to spice it up where the whole family coordinates nicely without looking the exact same.

Simple patterns are okay, but keep it SIMPLE. Busy patterns and graphics do not photograph well. Matching solids and patterns are always a nice touch.

Accessorize! Belts, shoes, headbands and of course jewelry go a long way. You can make a simple top pop with some great accessories, so don’t leave them behind!

Match your eyes! Do you have blue eyes that just pop when you wear blue? It is a great way to easily brighten your face.

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